August 3, 2021


Three years have passed. 

I've written more music than I can account for, toured restlessly, broken my collarbone, met and made friends and acquaintances, seen majestic mountains, loved and continue to love!

A set of 11 pieces for piano solo (download)

The stress of the pandemic has been, well, life-altering. Practicing and writing have become laborious lately too. As a result, I've picked up a habit of rearranging my apartment every few weeks!

Mr. Gengar. I also use him as a secondary pillow...

I should get a bigger TV, a smaller computer, and fix that damn wallpaper!

Also, I've been using my ears as much as possible: listening to techno, house, classical, ambient, folk music, and even my own. My fingers have grown weak my ears are full of energy, at least.

August 28, 2018

My First Muse

I occasionally get asked what got me into playing the piano and tell people I was a boring kid with lots of time on their hands. While true, I think I've rediscovered something I also loved doing while I was a kid, watching Tom & Jerry.

So gorgeous, ugh!
Even watching Tom & Jerry more than twenty years later, it all makes sense. The whimsical storytelling, the music; it was something to look forward to when I grew bored of playing video games and school.

I'm 6000 miles away from home, alone in a hotel room watching, feeling the same way I did when I was younger.

February 7, 2018

Today, I'm 29

My light-hearted take.

January 18, 2018


My messy suitcase
Taxiing to Bolt Bus in midst of a cyclone
It was really, really cold outside
Soundchecking with FLOOR BABA
My idols, bryface and SBthree
Catching up with my younger brother after a decade
Whopped his ass on Rival Schools, again
Drunk, in an elevator. Too bad my wallet got stolen!
Everybody's drunk

August 23, 2017

A Good Year

So far, at least!

Since the beginning of 2017, I’ve appeared on a number of compilations, as well as on GameChops with my piano transcription of Sonic 3's Hydrocity Zone. I felt reserved at first about writing music immediately after last year’s Weeklybeats but I still have the strength to keep going.

Also, I’ll be in Tokyo next month shaking my butt at Square Sounds Festival and drinking sake from sunrise to sunset.

Can’t believe the year’s almost over. Felt like I celebrated New Year’s just yesterday.

January 30, 2017

The Chiptune Elite
'Twas a night in New York City and a privilege to perform amongst genii such as Claire Kwong, Emi, flow_mein and Corset Lore for a demoscene party hosted by Emi!

September 1, 2016

Harmonies of the Night

August was crazy fun! In between finishing my Weeklybeats submissions I dropped by two cool venues sponsoring my favorite musicians and friends. I spent two beautiful nights at the LWLVL festival dancing excessively with friends and playing beautifully crafted arcade machines. I wish I went to the first iteration in 2014 though.

The musicians, visual performers and organizers of LWLVL
A beautifully interface and arcade machine
Although I met a lot of new people my favorite moment was getting to take a picture with Fearofdark, stinkbug and bryface!

And then last week I went to the Smoothie Tunes x DESKPOP event at the acclaimed babycastles. Again, I spent the night dancing excessively but had the pleasure of eating free pizza!

ehiorobo's smooth voice is enough to make me melt
Maxo, a prophet in disguise