January 25, 2011

東京: Day 4, Akihabara, Ghibli Museum, Dinner

At first I was going to cruise the entire Yamanote loop (in a clockwise motion), until I came upon this:

January 24, 2011

東京: Day 3, Ueno, Omotesando-dori, Meiji Jingu

I planned to do a lot of things while in Ueno: visit the Tokyo National Museum, visit a couple of shrines, visit the Shitamachi Museum and after that Ameyokocho market. Sadly I underestimated the size of Ueno park, getting lost in the process; making me extremely exhausted.

The Tokyo National Museum houses a wonderful collection in their main building, Honkan

January 23, 2011

東京: Day 2, Tokyo Tour

I had no problems sleeping the night of my arrival. In fact, I had such a profound night's rest that I woke up entirely energized. After a quick breakfast I quickly made my way to the epic station of Shinjuku. In the morning the streets tend to be very quiet and empty with the exception of delivery trucks and cars (there's west Shinjuku and east Shinjuku; my hotel was on the eastern side).

January 22, 2011

東京: Day 1, Arrival

Day before my departure in New York there was a snowstorm (one neither heavy or serious) that caused cancellations across the board within JFK. After some calls I was able to make extend my reservations and excursions to an extra day to compensate for cancellations. Thinking there would be millions of people in the airport I left my house four hours earlier than I planned. Big mistake.

I couldn't have asked for a smoother flight. Twelve hours, an aisle to myself and a bathroom behind my seat? Heaven.

I wished they served more than two meals per flight! It was really damn delicious. The flight attendants did fill me up with delicious warm o-cha (I never liked green tea but All Nippon Airways changed my tastes).

January 21, 2011


A couple of nights in a metropolis made of multiple metropolises surely seemed like enough at first but after witnessing the immensity and robustness of the Japanese capital I realized a few more trips might just be necessary.