February 1, 2011

東京: Day 5, Ginza

This was the (second) most disappointing part of my trip because I woke up terribly late. There's nothing wrong with Ginza - in fact it reminded me so much of 5th Ave (the New York City shopping district for those who don't know) that I was purposely pinpointing what made 5th Ave better... and the only thing that makes 5th Ave better place is that the streets are bigger, way bigger. But this is Japan - if it doesn't need to be big it shouldn't.

My first stop was the Sony Building. It's a wonderful complex that showcases most of Sony's upcoming technologies, etc. They have an amazing line up of 3DTVs as well as videocameras.

I made my way into the Wako building afterwards and shockingly enough it's like Saxs, but smaller and more cleaner. There's a nice collection of small desktop clocks but everything inside is ridiculously overpriced. Actually, after I saw the prices of their clocks I ran out as quickly as possible.

I wish we had more of these in the city. The Matsuya Ginza is pretty much like Manhattan Mall but much bigger and they also have many fruit and meat shops in the basement (think of an avenue of Farmer's Markets, but in a basement). There are restaurants on the top floor but I can't see myself paying more than $50 for steak (and I was getting pretty hungry too).

This had to be the funniest and most exciting part of the day - going to Uniqlo in Ginza (they were blasting Drake over the speakers). There's something to be said and I think I should stress it but the Uniqlo stores in Tokyo are synonymous to Old Navy stores in New York. Absolutely cheap and everywhere. I complement whoever is in their marketing departments because what they've done in New York is exceptional. New Yorkers compare it quality-wise to the Gap but what they fail to realize is that the Uniqlo in New York trends to the young and (I hate using this word) fashionable unlike Gap's work/family-orient.

Maybe I'm just overlooking things.