May 25, 2011

Blip Festival 2011

I finally managed to go to my first Blip last friday and I'm still, five days after, lost for words. It's quite an amazing festival and it was a damn good way to finish a week's worth of unnecessary finals.

Sadly it was my first time hearing about 4mat, who's quite an impressive composer. I mean the guy's been making music around the same time I was born, twenty-two years ago! I didn't find out until later from the words of minusbaby and friends that it was his first live chipappearance. Rock'd the house nevertheless.

Stepped outside to find a bank and happened to missed a large portion of Bit Shifter's performance. And to add insult to injury I was stuck all the way in the back!

You know what I love most about my good buddy exile'? How amazing controlling his music is, which comes as no surprise to extremely successful set. I still remember performing with him back in '09 and still love everything he composes.

Then came cTrix, the god. Some of the sickest and tightest shit I've ever heard in my entire life. Then this happened:

Everyone hauled themselves onstage in a wild frenzy
Behold the Gatari 2600, a masterinstrument built by cTrix himself that he used to perform his second (or third song).

Then on Monday was the monthly I/O event that featured music from Datalore, MisfitChris, Dot.AY and Bubblyfish (who I'm missed).

:D MisfitChris was sweet enough to dedicate his track "Rooptop Intoxication" (link) to me during his set. Sweet lovin' music I tell you!

Everything's been quite awesome post-blip; I'm slowly regaining my social life, I'm creating new sounds all the time, and I'm finally getting out more. I was super soaked to meet L-tron and MisfitChris finally and meet some of the coolest mo'fos on the planet.