October 31, 2012


photo by radstronomical

I celebrated my first Halloween (and designed my first costume) while performing some chiptune covers at Pulsewave in Brooklyn on the 27th. :D Even won some damn delicious cupcakes for best costume-do of the evening (though I thought @jenndlv's B-MO costume should of won). Had plenty of fun dancing to the other sets but the spray adhesive in my Katamari headpiece didn't properly disperse and I became high as a mo'fo until I got home.

Here’s the setlist:

1. となりのトトロ (sylcmyk Purplemagic remix), 
from My Neighbor Totoro

2. Hydrocity Zone (sylcmyk Bluefunk remix), 
from Sonic the Hedgehog 3

3. Drowning (sylcmyk novatij remix), 
originally by DaPantz

4. Evolution BGM (sylcmyk rbgy remix), 
from Pokémon Red & Blue

5a. Nightdrive (sylcmyk redminuit remix), 
originally by Decktonic

5b. Nightdrive (sylcmyk pinkminuit remix), 
originally by Decktonic

6. Morningstory

(I know, I know, the last track isn’t a cover but I didn’t have time to finish my Kirby one. I was too caught up in making that damn Katamari headpiece)