August 29, 2013

Urtext ma non troppo

From Taneyev to Busoni
After publishing Dreamstory I began realizing a change in the way I made harmonies and melodies (elegant jazzy chords, anyone?). This, in addition to immersing myself in a plethora of piano music by Liszt, Chopin, Bach and Ravel sparked my interest into (Western) music notation and professional music composition.

Using Sibelius I started out with the default Opus font while manually inputting the notes. I was unhappy with the way the notes looked so ventured on a pursuit for a new music font. I came across Bravura by musical software company Steinberg. Although incompatible with Sibelius a modified version called Taneyev by polymath Andrew Moschou will work. Overall the design seemed too pudgy for my tastes.

Hundreds of google searches later I came across the Urtext Music Fonts on FontShop. Available in a myriad of choices, these typefaces are pretty good renditions of the quality you'd expect from Henle Verlag, Durand, Dover, Schirmer and other famous music publishers. At first I was going to buy Kapellmeister and Clementi but instead went for Busoni. The difference is quite shocking!
Busoni + Taneyev + Opus + Gotham + Chronicle Deck
After a couple of days of fiddling with slurs and expression markings I felt comfortable editing the house style, customizing everything from the thickness of the staff to individualizing the fonts for the title, composer name and copyright with something other than Plantin!

Pretty, like Bach's.