September 1, 2016

Harmonies of the Night

August was crazy fun! In between finishing my Weeklybeats submissions I dropped by two cool venues sponsoring my favorite musicians and friends. I spent two beautiful nights at the LWLVL festival dancing excessively with friends and playing beautifully crafted arcade machines. I wish I went to the first iteration in 2014 though.

The musicians, visual performers and organizers of LWLVL
A beautifully interface and arcade machine
Although I met a lot of new people my favorite moment was getting to take a picture with Fearofdark, stinkbug and bryface!

And then last week I went to the Smoothie Tunes x DESKPOP event at the acclaimed babycastles. Again, I spent the night dancing excessively but had the pleasure of eating free pizza!

ehiorobo's smooth voice is enough to make me melt
Maxo, a prophet in disguise

August 1, 2016


I was in Japan for a 2-week long cultural exchange program and got back last weekend. While in Tenri I ventured to Nara City, Kyoto and Osaka.

Tenri University's campus
My room and futon at Tenri
I miss riding my bike through Tenri's shopping arcade
My $20 Minion burger and beer at Universal Japan
I wish trains like this existed in New York City
Realizing how tiny I am at Todai-ji
A maiko I spotted while in Kyoto
A boy I spotted in front of the Yasaka-jinja during the Gion Matsuri
Outside the Osaka Castle before climbing to the top
Chilling around Umeda in Osaka
Walking up the Fushimi Inari-taisha in the morning
I couldn't help but snap this at the Kiyomizu-dera
After the cultural exchange at Tenri University was over I took a shinkansen to Hiroshima.

Hiroshima's heartbreaking skyline
I visited Miyajima and watched the sun set with onlookers
Too bad my shinkansen for Tokyo left first thing in the morning; I wish I stayed in Hiroshima longer!

Having delicious pancakes, liquor and a latte at Square Enix's ARTNIA cafe
A street-crossing I fell in love with
The view from my room at the Park Hyatt Tokyo
I also went to the Railway Museum in Saitama
While in Tokyo I ran out of cash because I spent it in Ni-Chome. Otherwise it was a amazing 2½ week adventure I spent taking Japanese-style baths, chatting with locals (including my classmates from France, Ukraine, Spain, Taiwan and Thailand) and learning how to be a grown-up!

I'm already looking for a reason to back, maybe for longer...maybe permanently.

June 8, 2016


Me every week
Composing this year has proved to be harder than expected. After finishing my piano sonata’s first movement I haven’t been happy with anything I’ve written. I’m not entirely happy with how my sonata's turning out either!

I’ve thought about taking a break from this year’s weeklybeats but I’m afraid of losing inspiration/desire, whichever it might be. Am I being dramatic? Probably but I feel the need to complain; I’m hardly social and I’m reluctantly active on twitter, etc.

It’d be cool if life came with a massive reset button.

January 30, 2016


I'm working on lots of cool stuff this year. Can't wait for y'all to hear and wear.