September 1, 2016

Harmonies of the Night

August was crazy fun! In between finishing my Weeklybeats submissions I dropped by two cool venues sponsoring my favorite musicians and friends. I spent two beautiful nights at the LWLVL festival dancing excessively with friends and playing beautifully crafted arcade machines. I wish I went to the first iteration in 2014 though.

The musicians, visual performers and organizers of LWLVL
A beautifully interface and arcade machine
Although I met a lot of new people my favorite moment was getting to take a picture with Fearofdark, stinkbug and bryface!

And then last week I went to the Smoothie Tunes x DESKPOP event at the acclaimed babycastles. Again, I spent the night dancing excessively but had the pleasure of eating free pizza!

ehiorobo's smooth voice is enough to make me melt
Maxo, a prophet in disguise