August 3, 2021


Three years have passed. 

I've written more music than I can account for, toured restlessly, broken my collarbone, met and made friends and acquaintances, seen majestic mountains, loved and continue to love!

A set of 11 pieces for piano solo (download)

The stress of the pandemic has been, well, life-altering. Practicing and writing have become laborious lately too. As a result, I've picked up a habit of rearranging my apartment every few weeks!

Mr. Gengar. I also use him as a secondary pillow...

I should get a bigger TV, a smaller computer, and fix that damn wallpaper!

Also, I've been using my ears as much as possible: listening to techno, house, classical, ambient, folk music, and even my own. My fingers have grown weak my ears are full of energy, at least.